Monday, March 17, 2014

after pornified rated bestselling title on feminism

My publisher Zer0 Books has featured After Pornified as one of its bestselling titles on feminism among Laurie Penny's Meat Market and Nina Power's One Dimensional Woman.

This newsletter includes a presentation of the books and their authors.

Zer0 Books is the Culture, Society, and Politics imprint of John Hunt Publishing. Publishing authors whose discourse is "intellectual without being academic, popular without being populist," The Guardian has described Zer0 Books as "One of the most exciting radical presses at the moment. ... Zer0 titles are commissioned, edited and published quickly – and that energy and velocity carries through to the writing itself. Zer0 writers share an ability to write passionately, avoiding the clunky prose of academia and generating new lines of inquiry rather than just regurgitating critical clich├ęs."

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