Monday, November 19, 2012

video impression of dusk!'s launch party for my book in amsterdam

Great to see this little video impression of the launch party that Dusk! threw for me in Amsterdam on my final night in Europe promoting my After Pornified book. Dusk! is a TV channel solely devoted to providing erotic material to straight women, and is in fact the only channel of its kind in the world.
Guests and press were treated to a wonderful performance by the talented Meike van der Veer, known form the television show The Voice Of Holland, but even better in real life! Journalist Marleen Janssen read two of her hilarious columns (previously published in Dutch women's magazine Linda), one about the link between watching porn and baldness, the other about Chinese porn. After this 'warming up' the presenter Marije Janssen introduced Anne Sabo to the audience. How is possible, she asked, that a woman who once declared "I really never want to see any porn" has now written a book about … porn? Anne Sabo explained how her personal quest eventually led to an inspiring investigation of the role that female film makers play in redefining pornography and eroticism. This is the investigation that is described in full detail in After Pornified.
Visit Dusk! for more about this enjoyable and stimulating event!

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