Tuesday, November 27, 2012

get your signed copy of after pornified at a discount

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Bring on the season of holiday joy with the positive vision of After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography & Why It Really Matters! I got stock and am selling my book at a $5 discount. Here's how it works:

You mail me a check (email me for my address) and I mail you a signed copy with a personalized greeting once your check arrives. It's that easy.

What people are saying:
"all written with intelligence and aplomb … a goldmine for all sex-positive women and men." — From review at Evolved World

"a pleasant tip-toe through the pleasant-smelling tulips that are sticking their heads up above the standard, porny mud." — ForTheGirls.com

"it’s fantastic ... a much-needed discussion of the growth of alternative, feminist, female-driven porn, sans the usual hysteria ... actually look[s] at porn in a nuanced and intelligent way ... a refreshing take." — Ms. Naughty

"One of the points that excited me the most was Sabo’s emphasis on how feminist re-visioned porn could play a positive role in sex education and couples therapy ... that we could see a way to work towards porn as a means for self development." — From review at One + One Film Filmmakers Journal

"At last, a sane academic voice for the positive and good effects that porn can have. ... Seeing empowering images can help women and men learn more about their bodies, about what they like." — From review at Reviews and Discussions on Sexuality

"thoughtful and thought-provoking ... both scholarly and passionate, and thus a valuable contribution to the ongoing conversation about pornography's place in our culture -- both what it is and what it should or could be." — From review at the feminist librarian

"Anne G. Sabo’s newest study is a welcome addition to the debate … an educational primer … pay close attention to Anne G. Sabo’s newest book." — From review at 3hattergrindhouse

"Candid, well-informed personal story of how a good girl became involved in porn." — USP

"After Pornified offers a well researched study of a movement that is evidently close to the author’s heart. She writes passionately about the subject and discusses it in depth. She is an expert in the field, with over a decade’s experience in research of female pornography behind her." — From review in the Weekly Worker

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