Thursday, November 15, 2012

after(noon) pornified event in amsterdam

Watch the video at MFE.TV

Check out this video at MFE.TV capturing the After(noon) Pornified event hosted by the woman-owned sex shop Mail & Female in Amsterdam; a delightfully stimulating conversation about women and porn between myself and Ella van der Gang (Mail & Female porn curator), Marloes Meuzelaar (MFE.TV), Madeleine Vreekamp (Mail & Female Buyer) and Marije Janssen (Get a Room! events organizer), chaired by Sue du Plessis (Mail & Female events organizer and MFE.TV hostess).

The discussion was attended by an intimate and engaged audience, including independent erotic filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films and Dutch golden age filmmaker Willem van Batenburg.

Jennifer, Marije, Marloes, me (Anne), Sue, Madeleine, Ella
Jennifer Lyon Bell and me (Anne G. Sabo)
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