Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the winners of cupido's first film award

Erika Lust's short film "Handcuffs" received much acclaim at Modern Porn: Cupido's Film Award to Best New Short Film that I presented last weekend in Oslo, Norway. Featuring a play with submission/domination fantasies and the titillating attraction of voyeurism, "Handcuffs" won both the jury's award and the audience's award on Saturday.

The audience's award on Sunday went to Elin Magnusson's short film "Skin" on Dirty Diaries, a collection of short films produced by Mia Engberg. You can find my review of this album at Good Vibrations Online Magazine here. "Skin" is the first of twelve short feminist porn films, and it stands out with its quiet but intense erotic energy, circling around the layers, vulnerability, and eager excitement and passion that intimacy between two people can entail.

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