Wednesday, September 26, 2012

after pornified reading at monkey see monkey read

Launch party at Smitten Kitten
I'm happy to report that the US launch party in Minneapolis last Friday was a blast! This week has been busy preparing for my Europe tour this fall with more readings and events in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. But first: a reading at my local bookshop in our small college town; an event I am very excited and pleased about!

Event details: Anne Sabo Reading Oct. 11

Please visit Monkey See Monkey Read for an evening with Anne G. Sabo, a former St. Olaf college professor turned author and mama- & sex blogger on Thursday October 11th at 7:30 PM for a reading and discussion of After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography & Why It Really Matters, a book about how women have seized the means of representation to create a positive counterweight to pornified media and porn as it’s been known.

Though her book will no doubt appeal to women who already show an interest in porn, After Pornified is primarily addressed to all the women who are skeptical to porn as she was, and who value asserting ownership of their bodies and sexuality against the media’s discriminating sexualization of women.

With more young people exposed to porn, Sabo’s book is also aimed at them; to empower young people to read porn critically and to see that there is a positive alternative.

This event is free and open to the public.

Please visit Monkey See Monkey Read's Facebook event page for this reading.
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