Tuesday, August 21, 2012

official US launch party for after pornified at smitten kitten

I am pleased to announce that the Minneapolis-based sex-positive feminist sex shop Smitten Kitten will be hosting the US launch party for After Pornified on Friday September 21st from 7 - 9 P.M. Visit TSK's event page on Facebook for this event where you can register and learn more:

Come enjoy a book reading and discussion about how women are changing porn for the positively better. Accompanied by light refreshments and opportunities to ask questions of the author!

Porn brings up a lot of negative images in our sexualized, pornified culture. But today a growing number of women are radically changing porn to respectfully capture the authentic sexual lives of women and men, empowering and inspiring the viewer to claim her sexuality against a sexualized culture, and creating a real counterweight to pornified media and porn as it’s been known. In these women’s hands porn has become a vehicle for women to explore and define sexuality on their terms, shining the light on how we can all break free from traditional gender roles and shatter erotic conventions.

Tracing the movement from its inception, After Pornfied visualizes this transformed porn to the reader in a way that no other book on porn has done, so that she too can see the power and potential of this new porn by women to free our minds and bodies from the demeaning imageries of our sex in all other porn and pornified media. Porn affects us. Today, women are leading the way to make those effects empowering.
The European launch party will be held in Berlin on Friday October 26th at 6 P.M. Find out more about this event here, which will be held at Berlin Porn Film Festival, the leading film festivals for alternative, progressive porn.
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