Wednesday, August 31, 2011

coco de mer exquisite: lushly styled erotic vignettes

Photo for Coco de Mer
I am working on an article for Good Vibrations Magazine about the erotic short films by Dutch-born (Brooklyn-based since 2005) Eva Midgley made for the luxurious woman-run sex boutique Coco de Mer. Eva's exquisite work reflects her background in fashion (she was a fashion editor for years, including for Dutch Esquire); the results of her eye for esthetic detail are simply stunning.

In 2000, after moving with her family to London, Eva made a career shift to film. She attended film school (the National Film and Television School and the Raindance Institute), creating short experimental erotic films, among her other assignments. And then she met the woman behind Coco de Mer.

From Erotic Moments ...
It was at the nursery gates of a Montessori school in London that Eva met human rights activist and environmental campaigner Sam Roddick also picking up her child. Sam, the daughter of Anita Roddick who founded the cosmetics company Body Shop, was at the time in the planning stages of Coco de Mer, which opened shortly after in Covent Garden. The two soon became friends. Recounts Eva: “We just got talking and spent hours at various school events talking about why it is that porn is effective? It’s butt ugly. It offends. And yet, it gets you going in seconds.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

easy on the eye: britain’s first female porn producer

Anna Span
Good Vibrations Magazine has published an excerpt from my book on new porn by women; in this case featuring the porn by Anna Span with her Easy on the Eye Productions ("British Humor in Anna Span's New Porn"). I devote an entire chapter to her work in my book so it's high time I shared some of my thoughts on her porn.

Since 2003, Anna has released 20 DVDs, each containing five episodes, most part of her “Anna Span’s Diary” series.

Distribution of porn was illegal in Great Britain until 2000 when the R-18 certificate was introduced for hardcore porn with 18 as the rating for softcore. Due to membership of the European Union, import of porn had already been legal, but not sale; the law was intended to clean up this awkward purchase- and sale situation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

porn stars' breasts are for babies too

When porn meets real motherhood
I really love how indie porn maker Madison Young is using her new role as a mother to confront our culture's warped ideas about women's sex and the sex of moms in particular. Yesterday, Salon reported that Young has been attacked for exposing her baby to "creeps and pedophiles." Why? Because she breastfed in public.

"Women's breasts are not just or always sexual." But despite their rights to nurse in public, nursing mothers are repeatedly discriminated against. States the Salon in the case of Young: "We Americans love us some boobs, until they're desexualized -- then they seem obscene."

But I do not think the problem in this case is "desexualized" nursing breasts. I think the problem is that in the US, many can't seem to wrap their minds around the various bodily and holistic sexual functions of the breast without being freaked out because of a narrow understanding of sexuality (as I discuss here and here). And then as Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon too points out:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

kira's erotic fantasies: keep or not?

I like the idea of keeping my section on Stella Film Productions in my book as an example of what not to do when attempting to re-vision porn into something truly good. The below section on Kira's erotic fantasies could also be included as a cautionary example -- or not. What do you think?

I first checked out “Kira’s erotic fantasies” (2005) by nude model Kira Eggers (1974) because it came to me highly recommended by the woman-run sex shop Lust. Before making “Kira’s erotic fantasies,” Kira worked as a mainstream porn actress. She quit to launch her own online erotic business featuring nude pictures of herself and other women. And to make her own “erotic fantasies” films. – A second volume featuring more “erotic fantasies” was released in 2006, and a third in 2007.

The packaging of Kira’s erotic fantasies is certainly “softer” and “glossier” than what you’d find in mainstream porn, but other than that, the content remains much the same. And I have issues with the film’s styling too. Though the film features attractive actors, costumes, and sets. And though the close-ups of genitals are sexy and beautiful; not gynecological and sterile. Kira has also invested in a melodious musical soundtrack, and the sighing and moaning are discreet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

corny cliché porn outtake, or what do you think?

I asked a little while back if you'd be interested in reading some of my book's outtakes. Now that I'm in the finishing stages of editing my book, reinserting some sections that I had taken out and cutting other stuff, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Was I wrong to take the below out, or not? Please chime in.

Not all porn revisionists in New York belong to the innermost cool circle of sex positive mavericks. Sure, I did find a link on New Yorker sex activist and feminist porn maker Audacia Ray’s former Waking Vixen blog to Estelle Joseph’s Stella Films Production, but as it turns out, that’s about all the two have in common. The website is no longer there, but it impressed me when I first came upon it spring of 2006:
Stella Films Production (SFP) is a completely female-owned adult entertainment company. As an independent New York film company, SFP strives to expand beyond the stereotypical image of “porn.” The company majors on minor details to provide high-quality films that appeal to the senses and intellect. SFP movies are produced by women for a broad audience, especially for women and couples. They feature superb acting, appealing set designs, classy locations and original music sound tracks.

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