Thursday, November 10, 2011

sadie magazine interviews erotic filmmaker candida royalle

Sadie Magazine is "a magazine for young women who might otherwise read glossy teen magazines that focus on hair, makeup, and prom dresses. Rather than training women to consume, Sadie aims to empower girls with stories of risk-taking ladies. Our goal at Sadie is to offer resources in order to make young women (and all interested young men) self-sufficient, independent, and knowledgeable."

I was recently approached by Sadie Magazine to write an article describing my top ten feminist porn films. I have submitted my article and expect it will be published in their next (fall/winter) issue.

In Sadie Magazine's current (spring/summer) issue is a personal interview with iconic erotic filmmaker Candida Royalle (b. 1950) who never fails to come across as real (notes Candida: "I’ve learned that the way to really reach people and engage them is to touch them where they live. So if things are too surface and predictable you kind of miss the boat").

A young Candida Royalle
With Sadie Magazine's editor and founder Jesse Sposato, Candida talks about all from her current projects and favorite young female porn filmmakers (I agree with Candida that "the most interesting work [is] coming from women directors outside the US, from Europe and Australia"), to favorite films, books, music, role models and more. She also addresses her wish to see her mother who left when Candida was only eighteen months old. Explains Candida:
Maybe if I start saying it in public someone will read it knowing who my birth mother is, and if she’s still alive maybe she’ll [catch wind of this interview] and if my half brother that went with her reads it . . . who knows!

Read Sadie Magazine's whole interview with Candida here.

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