Wednesday, September 7, 2011

brief update

Earlier this week, I was approached with an invitation to contribute with an article based on my book to an anthology on feminist porn. Then a progressive magazine aimed at women invited me to write an article for them on feminist porn. I am excited to write both as soon as I get over this nasty head cold that has turned into an even worse sinus infection. Despite a throbbing headache, I did manage to complete my article on Eva Midgley's lush erotic vignettes, however; it was published today at Good Vibrations Magazine: Erotic Moments from Eva Midgley.

Oh; I am also working on revamping my sites. You might notice that a lot of the gadgets are gone from the sidebars here. I am developing a platform for all my sites, including Love, Sex, and Family and my blogs (this one and quizzical mama). A lot of the information that's been replicated at the different sites, will be published only at my platform/author page. Watch for a slicker, cleaner look to come (shortly).
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