Wednesday, August 31, 2011

coco de mer exquisite: lushly styled erotic vignettes

Photo for Coco de Mer
I am working on an article for Good Vibrations Magazine about the erotic short films by Dutch-born (Brooklyn-based since 2005) Eva Midgley made for the luxurious woman-run sex boutique Coco de Mer. Eva's exquisite work reflects her background in fashion (she was a fashion editor for years, including for Dutch Esquire); the results of her eye for esthetic detail are simply stunning.

In 2000, after moving with her family to London, Eva made a career shift to film. She attended film school (the National Film and Television School and the Raindance Institute), creating short experimental erotic films, among her other assignments. And then she met the woman behind Coco de Mer.

From Erotic Moments ...
It was at the nursery gates of a Montessori school in London that Eva met human rights activist and environmental campaigner Sam Roddick also picking up her child. Sam, the daughter of Anita Roddick who founded the cosmetics company Body Shop, was at the time in the planning stages of Coco de Mer, which opened shortly after in Covent Garden. The two soon became friends. Recounts Eva: “We just got talking and spent hours at various school events talking about why it is that porn is effective? It’s butt ugly. It offends. And yet, it gets you going in seconds.”

From Honey and Bunny
Sam invited Eva and her husband John (a photographer of upscale fashion and cosmetics advertisements) to shoot some pictures for Coco de Mer in conjunction with its opening, perhaps also do some filming of the photo shoot. This filming grew into its own project, which eventually turned into Eva’s first ten-minute erotic short: Honey and Bunny (2004). After that followed Erotic Moments Collection (2008) featuring seven vignettes based on erotic fantasies submitted to Coco de Mer by its customers.

Erotic photo for Coco de Mer
Eva's erotic films are a must-see; you can view them for free at Coco de Mer's online Coco Club where you will also find erotic photos done by Eva and her husband for Coco de Mer.

I will let you know when my article on Eva's films is done and up at Good Vibrations Magazine.

Update Wednesday September 7: My article was published today at Good Vibrations Magazine: Erotic Moments from Eva Midgley.
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