Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dirty diaries and more naughty tidbits

"Skin" (Dirty Diaries)
In my latest post featured at Good Vibrations Online Magazine today, I focus on the Swedish, heavily state supported porn DVD Dirty Diaries (2009); a collection of twelve artistic and feminist porn films produced by artist and filmmaker Mia Engberg.

As I was writing that post, which is based on material from my After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography & Why It Really Matters book, I began to think I should perhaps feature some of the stuff that I have cut OUT from my book. -- I have cut some film discussions from my book, mainly because I don't find those films all that good or successful according to my criteria for evaluating quality in porn (I present those criteria briefly in this post). If you follow this blog (or not and are just checking in); what do you think? Would you be interested in checking out those outtakes? Please let me know. And thanks!

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