Wednesday, March 16, 2011

testing mpaa's arbitrary rating standards

"- as more and more of our lives are conducted in corporate spaces, understanding who’s permitted to speak (or show movies, or conduct business) and who is silenced is an issue of growing importance." (Comstock)

Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl (Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series)Tony Comstock of Comstock Films whose "Real People, Real Life, Real Sex" series is a combination of documentary and hardcore where real couples are invited to be interviewed about their relationship and feelings for each other and their sexual life, and to have sex for the camera, has launched a campaign to test the MPAA's rating standards with the series' seventh installment, Brett and Melanie: Boi meets girl, which just came out on DVD.

Explains Comstock on the campaign's Kickstarter page: "We're undertaking this project because kerfuffles over ratings generate a lot of anger and publicity, but they don't seem to leave anyone any better informed about the rating process, and we'd like to change that. By taking Brett and Melanie through the MPAA process, we'll be able show just what sort of alterations were required to achieve various ratings."

It seems a worthy campaign. To find out more about it, see Comstock's blog post here and here.

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