Saturday, March 5, 2011

contribute to research on women and porn

As a follow-up to Lady Porn Day, a week-long project encouraging women to talk about porn and masturbation to fight lingering taboos and celebrate our sexualities, I encourage you to contribute to a couple scholarly research projects on the uses of porn.
Firstly, there's a major international research project conducted by three British scholars who are well-established in this field. Their project is "concerned with the everyday uses of pornography, and how the people who use it feel it fits into their lives. Pornography is of course a highly topical issue, subject to many opposing views and ‘strong opinions’. And we are not saying that there are no moral or political issues.  But we are saying that the voices of users and enjoyers have been swamped.  In fact, there is very little research that engages with the users of pornography, asking how, when and why they turn to it." To complete their questionnaire, click here.
A graduate student in psychology at the University of Oregon is focusing specifically on women's experiences with sexually explicit material in her research. To qualify for participation, you must be a woman, at least 18, and live in the United States. To take her online survey, please click here

Both surveys are anonymous, though you have the option of leaving your e-mail for follow-up questions.

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